• Ichi Ban

    Huntress comes out on top

    by  • 26 August 2013 • Andrea Francolini, Australasian Regattas, Australia, Billy Merrington, Bob Oatley, Box Classic, Condor, Dan Salter, David Molloy, Ernesto Bertarelli, Ghost Rider, Grant Wharington, Hooligan, Huntress, Ichi Ban, Inshore, irc, Lisa Ratcliff, Malcolm Page, Marco Bergamuncha, Marcus Blackmore, Matthew Johns, Philip Grove, Ross Hennessy, Shogun, Wild Oats, Wild Thing, Will Oxley

    A motor mechanic with a knack for consistency behind the wheel and his Sydney crew, capitalised on the water in this year’s light air Audi Hamilton Island Race Week, to win the major prize atread more