• Mathias Blumencron

    Rogues and Tripon claim opening leg

    by  • 11 July 2013 • Armel Tripon, Axel Strauss, Aymeric Chappellier, BET 1128, Bruno Rzetelny, Campagne de France, Catherine Pourre, Christophe Coatnoan, Class 40, Croix du Sud, Damien Rousseau, Dan Dytch, Deltacalor, Dominique Rivard, Earwen, Ecoelec, Emma Creighton, Eric Darni, Erwan Rivallain, François Coquerel, gaetano mura, GDF SUEZ, Gilles Dadou, Giovanni Pastorino, Goulven Royer, Groupe Picoty, Halvard Mabire, Jean- Christophe Caso, Kogane, La Belle Équipe, Lionel Regnier, Louis Duc, mare, Marie-Galante, Mathias Blumencron, Michelle Zwagerman, Miranda Merron, MOMENTUM OCEAN RACING, MR BRICOLAGE, Offshore, Olivier Grassi, Partouche, Patrice Bougard, Patrick Conway, Phoenix Europe Carac, Red, Samuel Manuard, Sebastien Rogues, Solidaires en Peloton, Stephane Le Diraison, Stephanie Alran, Thibaut Vauchel-Camus, Two-handed, Victorien Erussard, Vincent Duguay

    The end of leg one of the Class40's Les Sables-Horta-Les Sables race concluded yesterday in the Azores.read more

    Class40 ten years in

    by  • 19 April 2013 • AL BUCQ, Alexandre Toulorge, Armel Tripon, Aymeric Chappellier, Benjamin Develay, Boris Herrmann, Brieuc Maisonneuve, Bruno Jourdren, Bruno Rzetelny, Campagne de France, Catherine Pourre, Christophe Coatnoan, Class 40, Damien Rousseau, Dan Dytch, Earwen, Emma Creighton, Fabrice Amedeo, France, GDF SUEZ, Geodis, Gilles Dadou, Goulven Royer, Groupe Picoty, James Boyd, James Stableford, Jasmine Flyer, Jean- Christophe Caso, Jorg Riechers, Kogane, LA BELLE EQUIPE 2, LORD JIMINY, Louis Duc, Mabire Halvard, mare, Mathias Blumencron, Miranda Merron, MOMENTUM OCEAN RACING, MR BRICOLAGE, Ned Collier Wakefield, Nicolas Boidevezi, Nicolas Jossier, Obportus3, Offshore, Olivier Roussey, Partouche, Patrice Bougard, Paul Peggs, Philippe Burger, Phillippa Hutton-Squire, Phoenix, Pierre Brasseur, Pierre-Yves Lautrou, Piers Tyler, Red, Roderick Knowles, Route du Rhum, Rune Aasberg, Sebastien Rogues, Simen Løvgren, SInglehanded, Solo, Stephanie Alran, Swish, Thibault Reinhart, Thomas Ruyant, Two-handed, Vincent Duguay

    From the simple premise of it being a yacht capable of racing offshore at a price making it attainable for average mortals, the Class40 has become one of the most successful boats of its size of alread more