• Sam Richmond

    Campbell-James leads the charge

    by  • 11 November 2013 • Alexander Macpherson, Ali Hall, America's Cup, Archie Goodwin, Ashley Rudd, Callum McCullough, Chris Draper, Chris Taylor, Chris Webber, Dan Gohl, Daniel Wray, David Bedford, Duncan Syme, Ed Roberts, Eleni Morus, Emily Nagel, Evie Clemance, Hermione Stanley, Inshore, Jack Kilburn, James Boadle, James Goss, Jeremy Pocock, Jessica Houlgrave, Kelvin Matthews, Luna Rossa, Mark Lees, Match Racing, Matt Carter, Matt Haslam, Nick Wilkinson, Olivier Moreau, Ollie Mellor, Paul Campbell-James, Paul Wyeth, Pete Gray, Piers Strong, Rob Thomas, Sam Richmond, Sam Strover, Toby Mumford, United Kingdom, Will Morgan

    Paul Campbell-James booked his place in the grand final of the 2013 RYA National Match Racing Championship as his crew clinched event honours at the final qualifier event of this year’s Serieread more